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The most efficient way to get speed without draining your battery.


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Easy Speed just measure your current speed but it does it in the most efficient way. It does not keep track of your movements, routes or pace and foremost it does not use any cellular data (therefore you can turned it off altogether to save even more battery life).

Extremely easy to use but yet very powerful: smart speed detection and it automatically adjust location accuracy based on your actual movements and speed.

It uses a big display, with optional high contrast mode, making the screen panel clearly visible at distance. It is therefore the best speedometer you can have when sailing or cycling.


- it does not use any cellular data. You can turn it off to further save battery life
- use of a big display for easy reading while cycling or sailing
- NEW: unique low energy smart tracking system
- change contrast for even more increased readability
- you can temporary pause speed measurements to further save battery life
- location accuracy is automatically adjusted based on actual movements and speeds
- easily switch between speed measurement units
- advanced information about speed detection for the real tech geeks

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch app offers the same functionality and ease of use as the corresponding iPhone application. Though Background Location Services access is required to start the Apple Watch application, no location services will actually be used when the app is not on the watch screen.

To use the Apple Watch application you must enable location services in background:

either using the application settings:
    or directly from the iPhone location settings:

Save your device battery

This app has been specifically designed to use your battery device in de most efficient way:

- no cellular data will be used, and by turn it off you will dramatically save battery life even further

- no compass or other location services data is needed than just speed, optimizing therefore use of your hardware device. - the application, when enabled in preferences, will automatically choose the best accuracy based on the current movements and behavior.

- an easily accessible start/stop button will allow you temporary stop location services and therefore consume much less battery. Turn location services back on just when you need to see your current speed.

- NEW : low energy smart tracking system ! Show and track your location on map with a fraction of the battery energy normally used by others smooth tracking systems.

Setting Preferences

You can set a couple of preferences for this App:

When ON, Easy Speed adjust the location services accuracy of your device to the most efficient value, keeping in mind that it would only need it to track speed, therefore a precise location it may not always be needed, especially when the signal is very good and movements has already been measured for a while. Turn it OFF to always use best accuracy, but be careful this may drain your battery device even faster. Default is ON.

This option is meant for the real tech geeks or the most curious among you. Default is set to OFF but you can set it to ON to show detail information about how the application actually works and uses variables to determine the final result. I.e.: when no location update is received for a while, the app assumes that the device is not moving anymore; if later still no updates are received it there may be a problem getting the signal; and so on.

This option is only available for devices that do not have a wide screen (as iPhone 5S does). For example on an iPhone 4S you can choose whether to display a clock when location services is paused (this is the default). On a iPhone 5S the clock is always shown and therefore this option is not needed.

Advanced Debug Information

The real tech geeks, or simply the most curious among you, can turn on the option to show advanced debug information on the main application screen. If you like to see how an engine works and what factors are being evaluated while determining speed, then this option is for you.

The following counters are being used:

start: represents the time in seconds since location services has been activated and started, regardless whether a GPS signal was found or not.
level: represents the required accuracy level of location services from a scale of 0 to 6 (where 0 = best). More accuracy is needed, more energy will be used by location services. This value is used to automatically set the radius of location services accuracy and how often (i.e. every n meters) location services will provides updates.
mt.: represents a distance in meters about how often updates from location services are required.
exp: represents the expected time (in seconds) an update should be received from location services. If no updates are received within the expected time and GPS signal is active than it's likely that the device is not moving (since an update may be given every n meters).
lost: represents the time elapsed in seconds since the last time a GPS signal was found.
upd: an incremental counter representing internal updates cycles of the application. The counter should increase every few seconds. If no increase in value is detected than application is frozen or may be hanging in an inconsistent state.
m/s: represents the previous speed read in meters per second.
dir: represents the direction of the movement in degrees.

And these are the flags used by the application:

◉ O: When red: a location update that was received refers to a past event (therefore ignored).
◉ I: When green: location services has been initialized and the app will attempt to start it.
◉ A: When green: authorization to use location services has been granted.
◉ W: When red: location services has just restarted from pause mode.
◉ 1: When green: at least a valid update has been received since location services was started.
◉ R: When green: it represents a real update, otherwise no location update has been received and the application entered simulation mode.
◉ S: When green: location services has been started and it's active.
◉ L: When green: the last location update received was successful.
◉ V: When green: the data in the last location update received is valid.
◉ E: When red: there was an error when receiving a location update (i.e. signal was not available).
◉ P: When red: location services has been paused by the user.
◉ H: When green: connected and authorized for Apple Watch.

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